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The Deleware patriot

10 April 2019: PRO 2A RALLIES !

Pro 2A Rallies have been taking place all over the country and all we hear is crickets.  Thank you to our friend Mack at THEDELEWAREPATRIOT for sharing his experience at a rally in Deleware.  Nowhere in the news do we see the tremendous turnout of patriots standing up against the tyrannical leftists pushing to chip away at our rights, one regulation at a time.  It is important to see that there are others like us, standing up for our rights.  Hopefully rallies like this, and reporting from guys like Mack, will motivate others to get off the couch, go to these rallies, and show our elected employees that we will not stand for this.  NOT ONE MORE INCH!!!  Please watch the video, give him a thumbs-up and subscribe to his channel!  Here's a link to the video:  Thank you Mack, and thank you to all the patriots in Deleware!!!



28 March 2019

Today, we'd like to welcome the ZOMBIE FARMER to the R-Syndicate as our latest supporting creator!  Zombie Farmer has only been making videos for 3-months, but his channel has quickly grown to over 5,000 subscribers!  He covers a wide variety of topics from homesteading and prepping, to world news.  He has a strong moral conviction and is a truth teller.  Because of this, he has experienced his channel being throttled, viewer counts being manipulated, demonetized, and received copyright strikes.  Zombie Farmer joined the R-Syndicate so that he can keep telling the truth, keep his message out there, continue to grow his channel, and let his viewers find him if/when he has to move his channel to a new platform.  Please show him some love by visiting him at Patreon and YouTube, giving his videos some thumbs-up, and by subscribing to his channel!!!  .....And YES, he is a real farmer!!!



27 March 2019

In Episode 23 , Shelby Gallagher and Glen Tate are joined by Caz who hosts the YouTube channel 4th Dimension. We talk about evolving as a prepper, divorce and remarriage, and more. In the After Show for Patreon supporters, we talk about CW2 (Civil War 2) and play “Live or Die,” which is where look at a photo of someone and discuss if they’ll live or die in the Collapse.