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22 February 2020

Please watch American Joe's video about the latest attempt by the gun grabbers in Illinois to pass a bill that further infringes on our Second Amendment rights.  The R-Syndicate has long predicted that gun confiscation will take place in many forms, including the passing of laws that make it unaffordable for the average citizen to own firearms.  Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (D)(17th District) has introduced HB5170, a bill that would require firearms owners to carry $1,000,000 in liability insurance against accidental death with firearms, and making it impossible for insurance companies like 2nd Call Defense, USCCA, or NRA Carry Guard to provide (CCL/CWL) insurance coverage for wrongful death or criminal charges resulting from firearms related incidents.  This is on top of the state's required FOID Card (Firearms Owner Identification Card) that is already in place and already infringes on our right to keep and bare arms.  Please call or write your local representative as well as Ms. Gong-Gershowitz to express your opposition to this bill immediately!  Ms. Gong-Gershowitz's contact information is as follows:

Springfield Office:

265-S Stratton Office Building

Springfield, IL  62706

(217) 782-4194

Glenview District Office:

1812 Waukeegan Road, Suite B

Glenview, IL  60025

(847) 486-8810


American Joe's Report

2020 01 20: Virginia Rally day

American Joe


VA Rally, Was It Worth It???

Zombie Farmer


Zombie Farmer


Zombie Farmer


Zombie Farmer


First picture of the capital in Richmond Virginia.  Zombie Farmer and his friends are at the rally and will be updating us throughout the day.



9:45am (EST):  Unconfirmed reports are coming in that GPS is down in Virginia.  

Deleware Patriot


Mack (Deleware Patriot) live in Richmond, VA.  Crowds are getting HUGE.  Livestreams on all channels are either extremely buffering or not available at all.  The link below will take you to his YouTube channel where you can find the latest attempts to stream.

Douglas Ducote


Douglas Ducote is live in Richmond, and running a broadcast from his studio.  See the link below.

Deleware Patriot


7:45am  Deleware's live stream was suddenly interrupted and video removed for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines.  There were over 700 people watching at the time.  Link to new stream has been updated on previous video and below.

Zombie Farmer


Crowds are Forming, Large LEO Presence

Zombie Farmer


Patriots are flooding the streets.  Lines to get into the Capital Grounds are so long, you can't see the end.  


Updated: 2020 01 19

2020 01 19: Virginia Recon

Mack (The Deleware Patriot) is in Virginia and doing some Recon for fellow patriots attending the rally tomorrow:

         Pt. 1:

         Pt. 2: 

         Pt. 3:

Caz  (4thDimension):   Virginia folks, if you have the proper radios, here are some frequencies to monitor Monday.


                   854.0125 Talkaround 1 Fire

                   854.2375 Talkaround 2 Police

                   854.5125 Talkaround 3

                   155.2050 Statewide EMS with Patch to TRS

         State Capitol:

                   155.1300 Capitol Police Primary Dispatch

                   155.4900 Capitol Police Secondary Dispatch (Capitol Square Units)

We will post more updates as we receive them. We pray everyone stay safe, be vigilant, and act honorably!

2020 01 18 Update:  One of the antifa websites has published a list of "Known Fascists & Sympathizers".  We do not want to promote these bastards, but it is important that the people on their list are aware of it. (6:30pm.: Page has been taken down)

The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) will be holding their most important Lobby Day Rally to date on Monday, January 20th, 2020 starting at 8:00am at the Virginia Assembly Building in Richmond, VA.  They are calling all patriots to come out and support their efforts to defeat the egregious, tyrannical Constitutional infringements being pushed by the new democrat majority.  These bills will outlaw virtually all semi-automatic rifles/handguns, make it illegal to teach or train in the safe use of firearms, place ridiculous restrictions on the purchase/possession of all firearms, and even make the instructing of or participating in self-defense classes a potential crime.

2020 01 15 Update:  Virginia governor Northam announced plans to issue a state of emergency on 1/20 to ban guns on the the capital grounds.  See the links to Matt Bracken and American Joe's update below.  There will be street closures and security check points.  If you are attending the rally from out of state, be extra careful and vigilant.   I think they will come down harder on out-of-staters in order to set an example and discourage attending rallies which will be coming to a state near you!!!

2020 01 11 Update:  Virginia Dem's have passed the first of the anti-2A bills that are on the table.  TheDelewarePatriot, Zombie Farmer, and American Joe have posted updates with important information.  VCDL has posted a list and summary of these bills on their FaceBook page, see links below.

2019 12 12 Update:  Washington Examiner Article:  Virginia democrats propose deploying the National Guard to enforce gun laws and prosecute the police officers that refuse to enforce them:

VIRGINIA NEEDS EVERYONE's HELP!!!  Whether you are from Virginia or not, everyone that can go show support should make every effort to do so.  Virginia is the testing ground for radical anti-2A legislation.  If it is allowed to happen here, it will be coming to your state as well.  If you can attend, please be smart and be safe!!!

For more information or to support the efforts:

VCDL Website  

VCDL on FaceBook

     Important 1/11 Update

VCDL on YouTube

           12/16 Update

           12/18 Update


          12/20 Update

           12/31 Update

              1/6 Update


Mike Adams     

Reid Henrichs  


           12/17 Update

             1/10 Update

Zombie Farmer:        GoFundMe

             1/10 Update


Guns & Gadgets

               1/1 Update

             1/10 Update

             1/18 Update


SGT Report      

American Joe  (1/2)

              1/4 Update

              1/5 Update

              1/9 Update

             1/10 Update

             1/12 Update

             1/15 Update

             1/15 Update

             1/19 Update:

Matt Bracken (1/5)

                        Pt. 2

                        Pt. 3

             1/15 Update

Headlines With A Voice (1/9)


Will Patriot (1/10)

Bearing Arms 


The R-Syndicate Across America Tour Videos


2019 11 17

The first R-Syndicate Across America Tour is complete!  It was a great trip, and videos are now all posted.  Check out the links below.  We look forward to doing another tour in the spring, and hope to get down to Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Hope to meet a lot more great creators and R-Syndicate members when the weather breaks.  Send emails to , if you would like to participate and we'll see if we can get together in your area!!!

The 1st Leg in Colorado  Colorado Springs and a visit from Mike, the YankeeWatchdog!

The 2nd Leg in Arizona  Northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon, and visits with Von (Back Country Preps), Roger (Detroit Preppin), and Tobin (AZ Off Grid).

The 3rd Leg in Texas  Littlefield Texas (near Lubbock), a visit with Rob Painless, the Waylon Jennings Museum at Waymore's with James & Hellen Jennings, and a stop in Houston.

Rob Painless Video of Our Visit in Littlefield, TX and the Waylon Jennings Museum at Waymore's

1st Annual "The R-Syndicate across america" tour !

With R-Syndicate Meet & Greets

Starting on October 19th thru November 4th, OOMAN will be traveling across the country to pick up his son, who is getting out of the military.  He will be traveling from the Chicago area to Colorado Springs and then taking the long way home, and making some scheduled stops in Northern Arizona, Lubbock Texas, Houston Texas, New Orleans Louisiana (if time allows), and southern Illinois.  He will be meeting a number of R-Syndicate members and followers along the way.  If you are in any of these areas and would like to participate, send him an email at, and he will let you know where he will be & when, or try to set up a time to see you along the way!  This has become such a great community, we have already met many new friends, and we hope to make this an annual event (or perhaps some smaller tours throughout the year) so that we can meet as many of you as possible!  Watch for updates during the trip on OOMAN's channel, as well as other R-Syndicate channels including Back Country Preps / Arizona Unplugged, The Prepared Mind Channel, Detroit Preppin, and the 4th Dimension channels!

2019 09 06: OOMAN Update

The walmart effect Today, I received an email from Ebay notifying me that they were removing some of my items because they are items that can be used on "assault rifles".  These "dangerous items" are muzzle brakes/flash supressors/compensators that I make as a hobby/side gig, and have no effect on the operation/performance of a rifle.  I believe that this is a direct result of the Walmart decision to stop carrying "assault rifle" cal. ammo.  We have seen other retailers follow suit with discontinuation of carrying certain ammo and asking customers to not open carry in their stores where it is legal.  I have been listing these items for over a year with no issues.  Contact any store/website that is following with these actions and tell them your feelings.  Support your local stores that refuse to give in to this social justice warrior pressure.  Boycotts and reduction in business is a very effective tool in combatting theses actions.  Hit them in their pocketbooks!!!  Do it now, as it is harder to have a policy reversed than it is to prevent it from being put into effect in the first place.


Roger Henderson for U.S. House of Representatives

28 August 2019: A Message from Roger Henderson

Hello Fellow Patriot's.  This is a Call to Action!  My name is Roger Henderson, also known a Detroit Preppin.  I am currently seeking a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives District 14 of Michigan.  I have decided To Be The Change we want to see for Our Great Republic!  I have completed forming a campaign committee, Supporters of Roger Henderson.  I have completed setting up a Bank account in accordance with Campaign Finance Laws.  Now, I must collect 3,000 signatures from registered  voters in my District 14 of Michigan to have my name placed on the 2020 ballot.  I must also Finance my campaign with donations from Supporters. I hope this Call To Action will show the current Political Criminals, that We The People will no longer support a system we have no say in.  I hope that fellow patriots will support what the Founding Fathers ideas were, a government Of The People, For The People, By The People.  We have to take back what is being Stolen by Career Criminals that have endless funding to take all we and our founding fathers fought, died and worked so hard for.  Support Roger Henderson for the U.S. House of Representatives District 14 Michigan. Only we can Be The Change we hope to see for Our Great Republic!!!

Roger Henderson 

Supporters of Roger Henderson

10721 E. Jefferson Ave., #14326

Detroit, MI  48214

28 August 2019


Roger Henderson, aka Detroit Preppin and friend of the R-Syndicate, has officially thrown his hat into the ring and is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives!  He is running as an independent for the seat in the 14th District in Michigan.  We hope that everyone will help us get behind his effort and support him in any way possible.  A GoFundMe page has been set up to help him raise funds for fliers, yard signs, and other campaign promotional items.  Please visit his fundraiser and do anything you can , every buck or two helps!  You can also support him by spreading the word on your channels.  As an independent, Roger faces some additional hurdles that D & R candidates do not.  Instead of the 1,000 signatures required to get on the ballot, Roger must get 3,000.  We will be announcing locations for his signature drives as soon as times and places have been set.  Please help us get a "regular guy" elected to represent "we the people" and have our voices heard!!!  Even if you are not from Michigan, this is a national position that can effect and make positive changes for us all !!!  Check back here for more information coming soon.


22 July 2019: New Supporting Member

Please help us in welcoming DEORSE to The R-Syndicate!  DEORSE is Ex-Navy and was originally an artist/hobbyist, video game enthusiast.  He became an avid full-time prepper and survivalist after subscribing to channels like "TheNutnFancyProject," "The Prepared Mind," "StepOneSurvival," "Alex Jones InfoWars," "PastorJoeFox," "PastorDowell," and "Canadian Prepper."  DEORSE started producing videos about two years ago, and in recent months, has stepped up his content creation in an effort to grow his channel.  You can reach him at or, with questions or suggestions for videos.  You can also see his artwork at DeviantArt .

Please visit his channel, give him some thumbs up, like, and subscribe!!!


no youtube for you !!!

5 June 2019: YouTube Has Announced Another Round of Channel Demonetization and Purging

It has come to our attention  that ScrewTube will be initiating another round of channel demonetization and purging.  Make sure to check back here to find other platforms for your favorite creators if they are effected.  We will try to stay on top of the situation and update the site as quickly as possible.  Everyone's help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  Please email me any information you may find.

As a community, we need to start a dialog about exiting en masse to another platform, and leave ScrewTube behind.  There might be some short term pain, and loss of convenience/functionality, but we need to come together, choose one platform to migrate to, make it viable by giving them lots of traffic, promote it, and build it into the new conservative version of ScrewTube.  Let's start a dialog now!!!




Please help us in welcoming Detroit Preppin to the R-Syndicate!  Roger was inspired to start his own channel by John at The Prepared Mind Channel, and by Kyle at Survival Prepping for Normal People,  Roger moved to Detroit in 2008.  His content is based on his experiences and encounters of living in a near WROL situation for the last 10 years.  His videos show us what it is like to live in a liberal controlled urban area while times are good.  

Please visit his channel, give him some thumbs up, like, and subscribe!!!

Detroit Preppin

Detroit Preppin

The Deleware patriot

10 April 2019: PRO 2A RALLIES !

Pro 2A Rallies have been taking place all over the country and all we hear is crickets.  Thank you to our friend Mack at THEDELEWAREPATRIOT for sharing his experience at a rally in Deleware.  Nowhere in the news do we see the tremendous turnout of patriots standing up against the tyrannical leftists pushing to chip away at our rights, one regulation at a time.  It is important to see that there are others like us, standing up for our rights.  Hopefully rallies like this, and reporting from guys like Mack, will motivate others to get off the couch, go to these rallies, and show our elected employees that we will not stand for this.  NOT ONE MORE INCH!!!  Please watch the video, give him a thumbs-up and subscribe to his channel!  Here's a link to the video:  Thank you Mack, and thank you to all the patriots in Deleware!!!



28 March 2019

Today, we'd like to welcome the ZOMBIE FARMER to the R-Syndicate as our latest supporting creator!  Zombie Farmer has only been making videos for 3-months, but his channel has quickly grown to over 5,000 subscribers!  He covers a wide variety of topics from homesteading and prepping, to world news.  He has a strong moral conviction and is a truth teller.  Because of this, he has experienced his channel being throttled, viewer counts being manipulated, demonetized, and received copyright strikes.  Zombie Farmer joined the R-Syndicate so that he can keep telling the truth, keep his message out there, continue to grow his channel, and let his viewers find him if/when he has to move his channel to a new platform.  Please show him some love by visiting him at Patreon and YouTube, giving his videos some thumbs-up, and by subscribing to his channel!!!  .....And YES, he is a real farmer!!!



27 March 2019

In Episode 23 , Shelby Gallagher and Glen Tate are joined by Caz who hosts the YouTube channel 4th Dimension. We talk about evolving as a prepper, divorce and remarriage, and more. In the After Show for Patreon supporters, we talk about CW2 (Civil War 2) and play “Live or Die,” which is where look at a photo of someone and discuss if they’ll live or die in the Collapse.


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