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Why We're Here

In today's age of internet censorship, many of our favorite creators are being censored, de-platformed, silenced, or banned from popular video sharing and social media sites.  R-Syndicate creators use this site to help you find them across multiple platforms so that you have one easy place to go to find them everywhere  they currently are, and with the help of our community, wherever their content may go in the future.


Who We Are

The R-Syndicate was formed by 

a number of frustrated video content creators

John - The Prepared Mind

Caz - 4th Dimension

Von - Back Country Preps

and a little help from

Oliver - OOMAN


Thank You

There is no charge for using this service to  find 

R-Syndicate members.  If you find our service helpful and want to throw a buck or two our way, your donation will be greatly appreciated and help fund our efforts to keep members of our prepping community easy to find across multiple platforms, keep free speech alive, and grow our network, where ever we may end up if SHTF...  

If you are a creator that would like to join the 

R-Syndicate, please contact us to learn how you can get a premium listing with logos and store information on our Supporters page.

Creator Directory

Our directory is a compilation of  creators that we follow and creators recommended by R-Syndicate members.  We will list ANY channels whose content falls within the categories of Survival, Prepping, Conservative, or Freedom Loving Creators.  If you have a favorite creator you would like to see here, please send us their name AND LINKS so that we can add them. 


We will post requested creators, whether we personally like them or not (or whether they like us or not).  We're not a bunch of snowflakes around here!!!  If you don't like a channel that is posted here, please do not waste your time or ours complaining about it.  There's one simple solution, 



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