The Prepared Mind

John has been creating daily content relating to SHTF, survival, prepping, and sociopolitical content since 2013.  His popular YouTube channel grew to over  65,000 subscribers before being throttled back, demonetized, and shadow banned.  John's knowledge, experience, expertise, and wit make the most difficult topics relatable to his audience.  

Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Medicine, Means of Self Defense, and a Plan.


4th Dimension

Caz has been regularly creating content on YouTube since 2015.  His YouTube channel grew to over 3,200 subscribers and then stalled.  Years old videos were given strikes and demonetized.  His straight talk about survival & prepping, social issues, and more, provides lots of food for thought, and he does not shy away from difficult topics.

Beans, Bandaids, Bullets, Water, and Knowledge, Because Knowledge is Something They Can Never Take Away From You!


Back Country Preps

Von has been regularly creating content on YouTube since 2015.  His YouTube channel grew to over 4,700 subscribers before being throttled, shadow banned, and demonetized.  Politically incorrect prepping channel with straight talk about current issues as well as fun things like Drinkin' with Backcountry, and BBQ'n with Backcountry.  Never a dull moment!!!

Prep and Thrive!!!



Oliver started producing video content with the encouragement of fellow YouTuber's.  His channels are relatively new and only has a small subscriber base.  Videos are primarily about trucks, toys, how-to's, and shop projects.  He primarily interacts with other content creators in the background, and offers his assistance, insights, and opinions (and we all know what opinions are like...).

Creator & Administrator of www.TheRSyndicate.com website

Fun With Big Boy Toyz!!!